Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Dash of Red in our Blues (for Alice Walker)

                                       A Dash of Red in our Blues             

                                               (for Alice Walker)
                                         by "Aspie Chris" Robbins


A compassionate herald
of democratic womanism
adds a dash of red to our blues
to form the color of balance
the color of fragrance,
the color of unity.
She inspires us
to pull hard-earned lessons
out of devastating avalanches
we just painfully
crawled out of ourselves;
then we can, hopefully,
pull out others
trapped beneath those harsh fallen rocks,
such as Middle Eastern women
crushed under hijacked faith,
disabled souls
made to believe they're damaged,
and our four-legged friends,
like chickens and cows,
because animals are decent people!
Our compassionate herald
inspires us to move and sway
in dances of fury,
to challenge the oppression
of demonic injustice,
dances of love,
to nurture beyond
the limits of description,
and dances of willful determination
to restore the rhythm in life.
Nourished with the joy
of these enlightening rituals,
we can forge ourselves
in the fires of maturity
and cool down with the waters of wisdom
so we can nourish and cultivate
the fruits of tolerance and supportiveness,
just like we plant our green beans
tomatoes and strawberries,
and pull out the choking weeds
of past resent,
inflated self-importance
and other self-defeating lies
we learned through centuries
of gazing through filters
of murky obsidian.
Thanks to the influence
of the one who guides us
with the firm and gentle
power of the color purple,
we can tear out the plantation,
plant a garden in it's place
and rejoin
our passionate reds
to our soulful blues.

Copyright June 2013 by Chris Robbins

Ebony Pearl sonnet

I dedicate this one to Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, bell hooks, Sonia Sanchez, and,... uh, you get the idea!

I see you march on city streets to take
a stand against the hateful iron tide;
a nubian belle who calls the world awake
to rise above the segregated ride.
You shatter chains and break down walls of the past
to strive for equal rights of sex and race
and rescue us from names unfairly cast.
I wish to give to you a calm embrace
to emulate your beautiful caring soul.
I see you stitching quilts on midnight trails
to guide your people away from foul control
so they can bravely ride on freedom rails.
Beyond the grasp of words, dear woman or girl,
We love and cherish you, our Ebony Pearl.

Poem: Riding on a Soul Starship



As an outcast

caught in the grasp

of "cursed if you do and cursed if you don't,

you take a "flight of Icarus"

into the freezing death of outer space

until you crash your small personal starship, the "Iron Valkyrie,"

on the dark ice of the dwarf planet Pluto.

But just when you think

you're lost forever

to a stillborn tomb in deep space,

a soul starship flies by.

The crew in charge offers rescue;

more specifically,

Lady Skyy sends you an audio transmission

inviting you to "Call"

on the power of rhythm-and-blues,

the best medicine in the entire galaxy.

But first, you must confront

your reflection in the mirror

and tell your image, in no uncertain terms,

that you will change for the better.

As soon as you lock-and-load that promise,

a black-and-proud brigade, the Gap Band,

"drops a bomb"

on the black metal demon called Burzum

before his "lost wisdom" has a chance to consume you.

Then, the ship's crew,

including the likes of Lauryn Hill,

TLC and Undisputed Truth,

beams you aboard and teaches the real wisdom

of En Vogue's "freedom of mind"

so that you can separate the fact from the fiction.

The pilot, James Brown,

puts the "good foot"

down on the acceleration,

and you soar off to a happier frame of mind

aboard the soul starship.

The big guy in charge, Captain Lakeside,

greets you personally

and invites you to ride on a "fantastic voyage."

You wonder why a starship captain

would dress like a 17th century pirate,

but think to yourself,

"Uh, just go with it."

Other crew members,

including two brothers named Johnson,

give you a welcome gift

written on a strawberry-colored piece of paper

(They were so dedicated

to crafting the perfect loving welcome

that it took them twenty-three tries to get it right,

or maybe it was twenty-two, but who's counting).

Erykah Badu leads you to a "window seat"

and promises you a safe landing on a second chance.

Not that you'll be using that seat much,

because this is the time

to get on your feet and "celebate"

like a real "Kool" gang tells you.

Stephanie Mills, Barry White

and Ray, Goodman and Brown, among others,

teach you the way to serenade

that special someone you love.

And even if you don't have someone,

don't worry.

Lady Starpoint assures you

that you will be the object

of somebody's desire when the right time comes.

All throughout the trip,

the music holds you in it's arms

and dries your tears,

and, with a lock, step and pop,

locks up whatever demon that's been torturing you

in the ship's brig

(or unleashes the "atomic dogs" upon it),

allowing you to learn, from Miki Howard,

how to "share love,"

as well as how to be somebody's "one temptation"

from Mica Paris,

and how to "stand" up for what you believe

and "be yourself" from Sly and the Family Stone.

Finally, after Donna Summer

gives us one "last dance,"

the crew drops you back on Earth.

Now that you find your feet

on a "rock steady" foundation,

courtesy of Aretha Franklin,

you tow your daily business

with more hope and confidence.

Anytime you need another lift,

just send a request to you favorite R&B station,

then you can ride, once again,

on the soul starship.

Poem: Casting Violet Light

For my wife Julie

Globe of Scarlet
(for my sweetheart Julie Simoes)

by Christopher Wood-Robbins

we float through air

on a globe of scarlet

and sunshine yellow

far above and away from a world

that has no time or inclination

for us.

We sail over the uncertain fields

of pine trees below us

before we rise above the clouds

and suddenly try to grow accustomed

to a surprise burst of intense sunlight,

then we look down

on a bright wondrous landscape

of glowing pearly clouds

and imagine ourselves as horses

galloping on a celestial riding range.

Our love carries us away

from chaos and uncertainty

and into the joy

we sought for all our lives.

This is all we need.